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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weather in Bali during the year

Bali Island Weather in Bali during the year, the island has two seasons each year, the dry season which normally lasts around the month of April up to October and the rainy season that lasts approximately October to April. Tropical climate in Bali is the reason chosen by tourists from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of Bali with warm weather, humidity reaches 79% also with temperatures average 27 * C - 32 * makes Bali as a perfect tourist places during the year.

All About Bali In contrast to other places in the world in the rainy season the temperature still felt warm, the temperature does not change drastically from one season being over to the next season. Come to Bali Warm tropical air and bright weather with the Sun not too hot, make the island as a haven for sunbathing on the beach. Bali woow

All About Bali Weather in Bali during the year
Weather in Bali during the year
Bali holiday The dry season (April-October): peak time, accommodation is more expensive
In the dry season make Bali as a passable low humidity busy into the perfect temperature to do outdoor activities, makes the best season to surf each year, consistent with the waves hit the Mainland every day. Beach attractions such as Uluwatu and Padang Padang beach became crowded and as a result, the price of the accommodation in the surrounding price rise (sometimes twice).

Bali Indonesia Rainy season (November-March): cool Temperatures, high humidity
Although the rainy season will not stop people to come to Bali to be able to celebrate Christmas and the new year, it can be seen from the increasing number of tourists who came to celebrate during the festive season, during the rainy season, many tourists who choose the beach East of Bali to enjoy the beach that is popular places like Nusa Dua.
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