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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sangeh nature parks play with monkeys funny benign

Bali island Sangeh nature parks play with monkeys funny benign, sangeh natural attractions on the island of Bali is a great natural attractions which offer the beauty of Bali, island of the gods of other places that give natural atmosphere very cool when you first set foot, here also you can enjoy hundreds of monkeys are very cute and adorable, hundreds of monkeys who have been benign and glad to be invited to play to interact with humans. The location where the tour sangeh very easily accessible when you visit Bali because it is only about 20 kilometers from Denpasar, located in the village of sangeh, Bandung Bali entrance area can also be reached as long as 25 minutes from Ubud by car, the best time to visit the sangeh can be started since morning until afternoon, playing with around 700 monkeys that benign is an extraordinary experience. Very cute monkeys live in groups and often make quick time passed.

All about bali Sangeh nature parks
Sangeh nature parks
All About Bali sangeh monkey beside also offering a protected forest area of 14 acres of beautiful, clean and comfortable, the types of trees that are in the forest of sangeh hundreds of years old. in the domination of the tree kind of nutmeg that grow tall with an elevation of around 50 meters.
Come to Bali for those who brought family, sangeh offers fit to play with children. they will love interacting with wild monkeys are tame. Bali Holiday.

In addition to other reasons why families should visit the sangeh while on vacation to Bali also because of the beauty of Bali the island of Gods which is very famous in the world not only the beauty of the sea and the beach only. Bali woow but Bali tourism may also natural protected forest are no less beautiful.
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