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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Beach of Hidden Beach Green Bowl Beach

The beach of hidden beach Green Bowl Beach. This beach offers views of the beautiful sea. The location of the Green Bowl Beach is right next to the hotel Bali Cliff Resort.

There you will be amazed to see the beauty of the beach that is very wonderful and so amazing. The water is clean and clear and the sand is the soft and clean allure of the beach. The reason why this beach was named the Green Bowl is that the beaches are shaped like a bowl and the water that has clear green color.

The beach is still very quiet from visitors. So you and your family can enjoy the beach without having to worry about the number of visitors who quickly become unmanageable.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Beach Lumangan the exotic Nusa Penida, Natural Relief tunnel waves.

Bali island The beach of lumangan, Village penangkinan, a village of blooming flowers, Nusa Penida, a beach Atmosphere yet known to tourists. This beach is squeezed up by Roving Beach and lumangan Beach, ugg Pasih is approximately 20 km or 1,15-hour drive from the village of Batununggu which is known as a township in Nusa Penida. 

Although the course was pretty draining, up under very extraordinary. Bali woow A sense of tired it really pays off with the beauty of natural view at the beach. Lumangan Beach surrounded by steep cliffs from the coastal rocks. All about Bali Island The relief of the landscape resembling a tunnel wave follow waves that enter from the South.

Beach Lumangan the exotic Nusa Penida, Natural Relief tunnel waves.
Beach Lumangan the exotic Nusa Penida, Natural Relief tunnel waves.
All about Bali This pristine beach, the road towards the beach still be footpaths and rocky soil. Before you can finally get to the white sandy beach. When visiting the beach lumangan again, the best time is when the water is receding in the condition that it can be explored. 

Proven many boats each day that comes brings tourists to the region. Come to Bali The relief of the landscape resembling tunnel waves follow waves that enter from the south.

The road to the beach was a small and rocky footpath, visitors must walk, down the coral tabing. Bali Holiday  Proven many boats each day that comes brings tourist to the region.


Monday, November 19, 2018

Jembong Waterfall Bali

Al about Bali island The city of Singaraja has more natural attractions that offer natural beauty, one of them at the Jembong waterfall, Buleleng, Bali. This location in the village of Ambengan, sukada, swimming pool which offers freshness and panoramic views can be enjoyed by anyone who came to visit the Buleleng. 

Bali holiday Jembong waterfall is open from 07.00-17.00. Bali woow Jembong waterfall is also providing facilities dressing room next to the pool. poolside also provide bale listlessness which can be in use for the visitor to rest.

Jembong Waterfall Bali
Jembong Waterfall Bali

Bali island It not only presents the beauty of the atmosphere around the waterfall Jembong, Bali woow in the same location in the wake of two swimming pools right on the driveway leading to the waterfall Jembong.

It offers the natural freshness of pond water crystal clear and can be used as a photo spot to add to your photo album collection. Come to Bali Not only in the pool area, but visitors can also ride towards jembong waterfall and take pictures on photo spot that has been provided by the citizens. 

All about Bali There is also a flying fox game is divided into three lines, namely Aline at a cost of Rp 15000, 25000 rupiah line B, and Canal lines A+B with a cost of Rp 30000


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Butterfly Barong in Bali Buterfly Park.

All about Bali A collection of plants and butterflies flying various types provide a tranquil atmosphere while being in it. In addition to plants and butterflies flying various types provide a tranquil atmosphere while being in it.

Bali woow In addition, there are butterflies, there are also other insects such as locusts, beetle Horn, to the tarantula. Bali island The atmosphere is cool and shady really feels when entering the area of Bali Butterfly Park, which is located in Banjar sandah bees, sesandan Village, Tabanan.

Butterfly Barong in Bali Buterfly Park.
Butterfly Barong in Bali Butterfly Park.

One concern is a butterfly type of bat or in his Latin-language name Atticus atlas. In addition to these types, in the area name Atticus atlas. All about Bali island In addition to these types, in the area of the park, there is also a 10-25 species of butterflies that live in 45 acres of land with a population of approximately 900 more tail. 

The most interesting thing here is a butterfly barong. This type became the attraction because it has a much larger size than other types of butterflies. Come to Bali Butterfly bat is the insect population is limited in some areas of Indonesia. In addition to Bali as the territory of Batukaru, penebal can also be found in the area of java but different in size or smaller. 

Butterfly bat has a color scheme. Bali Holiday Where on the ends of its wings there is a pattern that resembles the head of the snake, it is used to trick its predators such as birds and lizards. In his lifetime, butterfly barong already can do the reproduced time to process approximately for 8 hours. Starting from the eggs hatch about a week. Later became a caterpillar, it should take up to 4 weeks. Single tail grubs spend a medium-size tree leaves.



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