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Monday, November 19, 2018

Jembong Waterfall Bali

Al about Bali island The city of Singaraja has more natural attractions that offer natural beauty, one of them at the Jembong waterfall, Buleleng, Bali. This location in the village of Ambengan, sukada, swimming pool which offers freshness and panoramic views can be enjoyed by anyone who came to visit the Buleleng. 

Bali holiday Jembong waterfall is open from 07.00-17.00 wita. Bali woow Jembong waterfall is also providing facilities dressing room next to the pool. poolside also provide bale listlessness which can be in use for the visitor to rest.

Jembong Waterfall Bali
Jembong Waterfall Bali

Bali island It not only presents the beauty of the atmosphere around the waterfall Jembong, Bali woow in the same location in the wake of two swimming pools right on the driveway leading to the waterfall Jembong.

It offers natural freshness of pond water crystal clear and can be used as a photo spot to add to your photo album collection. Come to Bali Not only in the pool area, but visitors can also ride towards jembong waterfall and take pictures on photo spot that has been provided by the citizens. 

All about Bali There is also a flying fox game is divided into three lines, namely Aline at a cost of Rp 15000, 25000 rupiah line B, and Canal lines A+B with a cost of Rp 30000


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Butterfly Barong in Bali Buterfly Park.

All about Bali A collection of plants and butterflies flying various types provide a tranquil atmosphere while being in it. In addition to plants and butterflies flying various types provide a tranquil atmosphere while being in it.

Bali woow In addition, there are butterflies, there are also other insects such as locusts, beetle Horn, to the tarantula. Bali island The atmosphere is cool and shady really feels when entering the area of Bali Butterfly Park, which is located in Banjar sandah bees, sesandan Village, Tabanan.

Butterfly Barong in Bali Buterfly Park.
Butterfly Barong in Bali Butterfly Park.

One concern is a butterfly type of bat or in his Latin-language name attacus atlas. In addition to these types, in the area name attacus atlas. All about Bali island In addition to these types, in the area of the park, there is also a 10-25 species of butterflies that live in 45 acres of land with a population of approximately 900 more tail. 

The most interesting thing here is a butterfly barong. This type became the attraction because it has a much larger size than other types of butterflies. Come to Bali Butterfly bat is the insect population is limited in some areas of Indonesia. In addition to Bali as the territory of Batukaru, penebal can also be found in the area of java but different in size or smaller. 

Butterfly bat has a color scheme. Bali Holiday Where on the ends of its wings there is a pattern that resembles the head of the snake, it is used to trick its predators such as birds and lizards. In his lifetime, butterfly barong already can do the reprofuksi time to process approximately for 8 hours. Starting from the eggs hatch about a week. Later became a caterpillar, it should take up to 4 weeks. Single tail grubs spend a medium-size tree leaves.


Friday, November 16, 2018

Roasted Pork in The Kakaktua Tropic Lounge

All about Bali island Roasted Pork Belly in the Kakaktua Tropic Lounge, the quite visible so is Kakaktua Tropic Lounge which is at Tijili Hotel Seminyak, Jalan Drupadi Seminyak Hotel no.9 Seminyak, Bali. The concept of the Kakaktua Tropic Lounge is colorful and tropical. Seating Capacity pax, 137 to every corner of the parrot Tropic Lounge appears to pamper your eyes and get people tempted to capture him. 

Bali island The Interior is very classic and filled with color, Menu on the Kakaktua Lounge leads to tropic Mediterasian. In the interior, there are two tubs as a king and queen seat can be occupied by visitors.  Bali woow Roasted Pork Belly became a signature dish that is on the Kakaktua Tropical Lounge, The texture of the pork belly which was juicy and Crispy Pork Belly, the criterion being presented are certainly different than other places.

Roasted Pork in The Kakaktua Tropic Lounge
Roasted Pork in The Kakaktua Tropic Lounge

One serving consists of four slices and dressed in honey carrot and cherry tomato, cailan, lemon cream, and plum hoisin sauce. Bali holiday The texture of the Pork Belly which was juicy and crispy became the criterion of this menu. A signature dish both could try is Peking Duck that is not Asian a lot of juicy flesh than other ducks, special preparations that increasingly make the tongue when one piece of Asian Peking Duck is eaten.

All about Bali, His marinade seeps into the meat of the duck, one serving consists of meat baked pear, sliced duck meat, the bok coy, cinnamon o singlaze and bread on the side. move on the dessert, there is also a dessert, the chocolate orange cake could be an option, a blend of chocolate with orange in it would be a very delicious dessert.

Come to Bali Kakaktua Tropic Lounge also has a cocktail collection which is certainly different, the combination of these drinks are different there is a mix of blue curacao and soda with a little extra wine, among others, third this drink is arak lemon, Blue Sky and a strawberry shake, Strawberry shake, the third drink is highly recommended to be enjoyed. banana and go green attracted also to be sampled if you want to try another signature drink.


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Balinese Bajra Sandhi

Bali island Monument To the struggle of the people of Bali or often referred to as Bajra Sandhi was visitasi to foster a sense of love and insight into a nation and a country, this monument contains a lot of material material of Balinese struggle and certainly very useful for develop a pride of nation and state. Museum of Balinese struggle ( Bajra Sandi ) erupted in 1980 that started from the idea of prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra then was the Governor of Bali, conceived the idea of the museum and monument to the struggle of the people of Bali.

All about Bali island On august 1, 2004, opened to the public service in General, having previously in June 2003 inauguration of the monument is conducted by the president of the republic of  Indonesia, the monument is located in the place well-maintained and clean and complete with a tower that soars into space which has a lovely Balinese architecture,Bali woow the Museum of Bajra Sandi because this museum forms such as Bajra or bells worn by leaders Hindu in accompanying pronunciation Japa Mantra during Hindu religious ceremonies.

Balinese Bajra Sandhi
Balinese Bajra Sandhi 
All about Bali Part of an important part of the museum is the museum symbolizes the looming Mount Mandara Giri, symbolized in the form of jars Amertha Kumba (stoneware) exactly the top of the museum, a dragon wrapped around the museum symbolizes the Naga Basuki as the rope in the screening of Mandara Giri, Kura kura contained under the museum, as well as outdoor contained around the museum. 

Come to Bali On the journey the monument the history of Balinese reflected clearly through a 33 unit diorama. The location is very strategic because it is directly in front of the Office of the Governor of Bali, or rather in the Niti Mandala Renon Denpasar. The vast monument is 4900 M2 (70m x 70m) and a land area of 138,830 M2.



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